Essay on Heroin

Long Term Effects of Heroin

Drug use is a swift path to destruction. Drugs give you nothing in return but take away every good thing you have in life and leave you miserable. Heroin is one of the most destructive drugs which is capable of completely ruining your life. The reason heroin is so dangerous is that it is extremely hard to quit once you start taking heroin. It indeed gives pleasure and sense of jubilation and euphoria but it does not last very long.

Once you become habitual of heroin it is almost impossible to quit without the help of experts who can facilitate and rehabilitate you. What is difficult is to decide to quit taking the drug. It is a big challenge for anyone. For other people it may appear to be related to sheer will power to quit the drug but the person who is actually taking heroin faces lots of hardships. He cannot quit the drug overnight and he needs medical attention in order to avoid relapse and urge to start taking the drug again which happens with many people who take heroin.

People taking drugs like heroin on frequent basis tend to lose everything including their families, job, friends, close relatives and even ability to carry out daily household chores. It is obvious that under the influence of heroin for the most part of the day carrying out even the smallest things can seem like a real challenge. A person who takes heroin is always obsessed with the drug.

His morning begins with thinking about arranging for the next dose of heroin. People who abuse heroin begin to steal things so that they can have sufficient money to buy heroin. Once the influence of heroin subsides a person has a strong craving to take the drug again to feel normal. For people abusing heroin being under the influence of it is something normal. When they are not under its influence they do not feel normal and comfortable.

Long-term heroin abuse can lead to death. A person stops caring about his hygiene, appetite and well-being. His world revolves around taking heroin and arranging for the next dose before the influence of the drug subsidies so that he can feel normal.

Heroin addiction gives nothing in return. It takes away everything from one’s life. A person trying to take the drug for the first time just to check how it feels must never try it in the first place. Even taking the drug for the first time can lead to serious and life-threatening addiction.
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