Essay: Physician Assisted Suicide

Physician assisted suicide is a highly controversial thing since it involves killing oneself with the help of a physician. Those people who are terminally ill and have no other way of surviving comes to a conclusion to end their life with the help of a physician.

Imagine a seventy years old man suffering from stage 4 cancer and has no chances of surviving. Should he let the natural course of dying or should he seek physician assistance in aiding him in dying? It is very easy for other people to criticize those people who decide to end their life deliberately with the help of the physician but they cannot feel the pain a person with the terminal illness is going through and is left with no other choice than to kill himself.

Terminally ill patient has to die sooner or later. Their nature of illness does not allow themselves to heal completely. For instance, a person suffering from stage 4 cancer finds it very difficult to live each day due to immense pain. Chemotherapy treatment is so draining that a person becomes very weak. They type of chemotherapy sessions administered to patients depend on the stage of cancer. For metastasized cancers the line of treatment are more aggressive but eventually are useless because a patients at last stage cancer barely survives.

Physician assisted suicide is a way to help a patient relieve him from immense pain and misery. These patients live each day miserably because they become dependent on other people for their basic needs. They cannot change their clothes, they cannot go to the rest room on their own and if they are in a comatose condition they cannot even themselves on their own. They are put on life supporting machines and it makes things even more painful for them. A time comes ifВ a patient is not in a comatose condition he requests the physician to end his life by administering a lethal injection to end the pain and misery.

In such kind of circumstances how come some people are so against of physician assisted suicide. As they cannot feel the pain of such patients they are not in a state of mind to criticize those who resort for it as the only option to end misery.

Physician assisted suicide should be legalized as every person has a right to die with dignity. A terminally ill patient has to die no matter what so why not let him die with dignity.
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