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Custom Made Term Papers on Controlling Stress High level stress can play havoc in anyones life. Stress is something that all of us experience in our lives. When we are students studying in high school or college we face numerous situations that trigger high level stress. When exams are near we become highly stressed because we need to prepare for exams. Some students work hard and worry about getting good grades.

Some students start studying when exams are just a few days away and feel high level stress. Stress can be good as well as bad. Stress can keep us alert and make us take action in order to complete a task. If there is no stress we will take things lightly and resort to procrastination. On the other hand high level stress can cause harm to our bodies. It can result in numerous diseases related to cardio vascular and diabetes. It is very important to manage stress in order to live more happily and avert serious diseases.

How Stress can affect your Life?

If stress is negative it can hamper our ability to function normally and it can also result in numerous health problems if not managed. We can become withdrawn from those activities that cause high level stress and as a result we can suffer. For example if you are a student and you are prone to high level of stress then the best thing you may do in order to avoid stressful situations is to avoid them Once you avoid those problems rather than doing something to control stress it can affect your overall performance in the college. It can affect your grades, the way you think and behave, it can result in long term problems, it can affect your relationships with your friends and relatives. It can hamper your ability to remain productive or concentrate on certain tasks for a long period of time. It can affect your self esteem and shatter your confidence.

How you can Avoid Stress?

Anyone with high level stress issues can manage it in order to remain productive and happy. One of the best ways to avert high level stress is to include workout in your daily routine. You must have time when you can go out and jog be it in a park or on the streets near your house. If running something you do not like you can do aerobics or practice yoga. It can help you rejuvenate your mind on a daily basis and prepare you for the next day. When you work out your brain releases endorphin that help reduce stress. Once you learn to manage stress you can enjoy your life at the same time working hard in your college to get top grades.


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